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Foibles Theatre Restaurant to ABC TV 1977-79

Les Boys-1977

A not so subtle play on "Les Girls", the phenomenal and long running St Kilda drag show. But the inclusion of an original character gifted to us by Michael Leunig marks a very different style of entertainment. This was our first show at Foibles Theatre Restaurant.

Steve Blackburn as Manuel Sedan-1977

"I am sorry, I don't speak Drunk"(to an anonymous heckler). 

(L ro R) Steve Blackburn, Geoff Brooks, Rod Quantock-1977-78

An irresistible promotional postcard for "The Wonderful World of Ducks"

Geoffrey Brooks 1978- (and my legs). A scene form "Whimsy (or) Hell On Blood Island"

Rod Quantock 1977-78

In full flight delivering the notorious "f**k" joke.

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